Genomix Medical Aid Society


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Download and fill in the application form. If your employer is already a member of the Society, you simply fill in a membership application form and submit to your employer.

Funeral benefit has a waiting period of 6 months thereafter any member that passes away will be assisted with a coffin and hearse depending on the package they are on.

The age limit for members/beneficiaries is 80 years, however seniors aged between 65 and 80 have a customized plan.

Yes, you may visit our office and arrange for payment of subscriptions.

Yes, babies are covered from the day they are born, if they are registered within 3 months of birth. Parents are encouraged to register their babies as soon as possible to avoid inconveniences when emergencies arise. Once your baby turns three months before registration, they will have a three-month waiting period should you decide to register them later.

Spouses are registered as new members and will have to wait three months while contributing subscriptions for them to start benefiting.

These are restrictions imposed on certain benefits to curb abuse, thus protect funds of the loyal long contributing members. For example, one may not want to join medical aid, and only think of it when expecting a baby, and want to enjoy maternity benefits. To curb such practices, 9 months are imposed to ensure that no-one joins the society while already pregnant. Other waiting periods are imposed on expensive treatments such as chemotherapy, hemodialysis and spectacles,