Genomix Medical Aid Society


GENOMIX Medical Centre Laboratory

Genomix laboratory (gl) was opened in zimbabwe late 2017 with its motto “its all about the service”. Gl thrives to provide all its clients with the most robust and affordable health care available which is on a par with world standards. The company is run by young zimbabwean scientists with backgrounds in biochemistry, medicine, pharmacology, and nutrition. Our services which help improve the health of zimbabwean citizens which it is committed to serve.

Genomix is fully registered with the health professions authority, medical laboratory and clinical scientists council zimbabwe, ahfoz and is a certified covid-19 testing laboratory lab6699.

Services Outline

GL provides all the laboratory services (one stop shop) necessary for your organisation to holistically achieve occupational health monitoring for employees exposed to potentially harmful substances/ harmful environments. These include monitoring of the effects of
harmful substances e.g Pseudocholinesterase activity in employees exposed to organophosphates and monitoring exposure to non essential (toxic) elements e.g lead (Pb) in blood or urine (toxicology). In addition, GL offers drugs of abuse screening for employees
who operate heavy machinery and whose use of narcotics/ mind altering drugs may result in injury or death. Lastly, GL provides wellness tests for your employees to help them to improve their health by providing screening tests to identify those at risk of non
communicable disease e.g total cholesterol to identify those at risk of cardiovascular disease and prostate specific antigen to screen for prostate carcinoma.


  • To boost productivity, and enhance your reputation as employers of choice. 
  • To increase the wellness of all employees within your organisation. To provide affordable solutions for wellness checks, wellness activities, and medical checks and examinations.
  • To reduce your organisation’s medical costs including the reduction in off sick days.
  • To increase participation in health promotion programs amongst employees within your organisation.
  • To provide ongoing support for your organisation’s employees suffering from longterm (chronic) illnesses or health reducing habits including smoking and binge alcoholism

Quality Assurance

GL is dedicated to giving its clients affordable and reliable laboratory services. As such GL has a quality
management systems which ensures ongoing monitoring of all the processes involved in the laboratory. GL is
working towards accreditation and thus meets the standards of ISO 15189 for all tests. The figure below
outlines the laboratory processes and thus shows all the points which are continually documented, monitored
and improved.