Genomix Medical Aid Society

About Us


Welcome to Genomix Medical Aid Society

Genomix Medical Aid Society is a new age medical aid society that offers a highly affordable and cost effective medical aid and funeral cover. Genomix is fully registered with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare and Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AFHOZ), and aims to expand its society across Zimbabwe and eventually the African continent.
Born from the fact that only 8% of Zimbabweans are on Medical aid and the vast majority failing to meet basic medical treatment. We bring forth a medical aid that is all inclusive, affordable and above all has a free funeral benefit


To be the preferred Medical aid society of choice for all Zimbabweans.

Mission Statement

By providing excellence and utilizing the highest principles and standards to every aspect of the business. Genomix Medical Aid Society wants to empower its clients, employees and the community and urge them to employ these practices as well.

What we believe in

1. Honesty & Transparency is the best policy. GenomiX Medical Aid Society agents / staff will operate in a fair and equitable manner.
2. Consistency. Consistency in customer care in life is a good habit and one we believe in.
3. A passion for people. Our Staff, clients, vendors, members and the community we value and are passionate about everyone from all walks of life.